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About Ripples

For 10 years a hard copy newsletter was produced for general staff of the Vice-Chancellory and the Office of the Executive General Manager (OEGM). Its circulation increased over time to include many staff from other divisions and areas. A group of enthusiastic staff from various areas has acted as editors, reporters, and information gatherers. With the closure of the OEGM in August 2003 the newsletter ceased to be produced.

Many staff from across the university expressed their desire to see a similar newsletter, for all general staff to be produced and so the editors have produced e-Ripples.

The name Ripples suggests the flow on of information.

The editorial staff is heavily loaded towards central administration areas and we are looking for additional editors and information gathers so that the content of the newsletter is university wide. Work involved in gathering stories is not onerous and requires very little time. We can all act as information gathers and provide information directly to the editors.

Staff with electronic publishing skills are also required as we currently have to rely and put quite a load on just one technical person. If we had more than one person with these skills we could distribute the work load and this would help us get Ripples published more frequently.

If you would like to be an involved editor, have a story or have publishing skills please contact:

Maureen Meredith, Curtin Community Liaison Officer
Office: Curtin Hub, Bld 599
Phone 9266 2118 / 0401103154

All information in the newsletter is checked, and follows established guidelines.

General feedback is most welcome from all staff and can be submitted by emailing the Editors.


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