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July 2007
archived edition of Ripples

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Welcome to the Online Edition of Ripples!

Getting the right START

All of us in our day to day activities come across students or staff who are either new to the university or who for a number of reasons may be facing difficulties settling into university. Everything the University does, and the interaction students have with all University staff, impacts on student retention and their experiences here at Curtin.

The newly formed START (Student Transition and Retention Team) is working on the coordination, modeling, promotion and further development of positive retention ideas and strategies. START members are located in Building 599, a building that lends itself very well to being a resource for students and staff who need that extra bit of support.

Curtin START members

(From left to right) Ricky Wheeler - Orientation and Student Activities coordinator, Scott Morgan - Curtin Connect and web development officer, Helen Hesselberg - Equity transition support officer, Dr Jim Elliott - Retention Team Manager and Uni-wide retention plan, Amy Dawson - First Year Experience coordinator and team supervisor

As general staff at the front line in dealing with students it is us that often see the student that we believe is not coping well with studies, seems to have no friends, and who are talking about withdrawing from studies. The START members would like to encourage you to direct these students to them so that they can be provided with assistance and information. This might be the step that stops them from withdrawing and provide them with the potential to achieve their dreams.



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