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Behind the Curtin

Competition - Funniest or strangest holiday experience


Share your funniest or strangest holiday experience and be in the running for the competition prize which is four movie tickets.


  • No more than 200 words
  • Your entry must be submitted to Marueen Meredith by 15 January 2009



What better way to spend your Xmas holidays than with a light, refreshing Sangria in the sun?



  • Sliced large sized orange
  • Sliced large sized lemon
  • 250ml Brandy
  • 4 tblsp white sugar
  • 1 x 750ml bottle of red wine
  • 500ml Ginger Beer
  • Ice

Combine the brandy, fruit and sugar in a large jug and muddle the ingredients. Add the ice, red wine and then the ginger beer. Sit back and relax.

(Note: You can change the fruit to any type you like, substitute the brandy for cognac or any other spirit, use whatever red wine you like and substitute the ginger beer for any soft drink that takes your fancy! Have it how YOU like it this summer!)

Some popular party games for kids

Tape the Nose on Santa

For this game; you need a large cut out of Santa with reddish outfit, a tape and blindfolds. You can cut the nose portion of Santa and put some tape at the back in the same position.

Mount the Santa cutout on the wall and get ready for playing the game. Blindfold the players, spin them around and set them free. The winner the one who gets closest or actually touches "Santa's nose".

Candy Cane Pass

For this game you need candy canes. Divide the players into separate teams. Each player is supposed to hold four candy canes between fingers and pass on to his team mates without dropping a single one. The winning team is the one that retains maximum candy canes.

Rudolph Dash

For this game, you need to cut out some circles from red color paper and some Vaseline in a bowl. This is a really funny game whereby the players are required to apply some Vaseline at the tip of their nose. The red circles are then put on their nose. Now the players may be divided into groups and play the relay race to finish the game. Each player has to run with the red nose and then pass on to the next player. The main trick is to stop the nose from falling. The winning team is the one that ends the race with maximum red noses.

Top tips over the summer

Tips for Saving Water

Tips for saving water from the Water Corporation:

Summer Health Tips

Tips for looking after yourself throughout summer:

Top Ten Travel Tips

Department of Foreign affairs and Trade:

Book Reviews

Womens Weekly Christmas: $23.70

Woman's Weekly Christmas

These beautiful recipes for small festive foods will charm and delight your family and friends. Naturally you'll want to serve some of them on Christmas day, but many of them will make splendid and original gifts. Imagine the pleasure of giving a little box of stained glass Christmas tree biscuits or a jar of cranberry and apple fruit mince, especially if you wrap them beautifully. We have given you suggestions for gift packaging too.

Kitchen Classics Party Time, Jane Price, $33.20

Party Time

From small bites to serve with cocktails, a barbecue buffet, and elegant Japanese feast or an informal evening of tapas and meze, Party Time has all the recipes for every celebration.

The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet, Colleen McCullough, $47.49

The Independence of Miss Mary Bennett

Everyone knows the story of Elizabeth & Jane Bennet in Pride and Prejudice. But what about their sister Mary, she of the atrocious singing voice and the staidly religious bent of mind?

Master story teller Colleen McCullough paints a life for Mary Bennett twenty years after Jane Austens novel closes.

So far on in time each of Mary's sisters is settled in her own way. Happily married Jane is the mother of many children, Elizabeth has to cope with an unwelcome social pre-eminence she had not envisioned, Lydia is still entranced by military officers and Kitty is one of the stars of London's fashionable salons.

Events transpire that free Mary from her family obligations and dangle the allurements of independence before her hungry gaze. Fired with zeal by the newspaper letters of the mystery man Argus, she resolves to publish a book about the plight of England's poor, Plunging from one predicament into another Mary embarks upon a mission of investigation that eventually leads her into mortal danger and reveals the surprising identity of Argus.

Brotherboys, Sean Gorman. $31.30


The Krakouer brothers exploded onto the Perth football scene in the late 70s and were soon lured by big money to play for North Melbourne. In the limelight, the brothers were an impenetrable unit but Jim and Phil lived their lives very differently. Phil shrugged off the racist taunts while Jim reacted violently, both on and off the field. Phil stayed on the straight and narrow while Jim was notorious for getting into trouble. When their footy careers were over, Phil retired quietly but Jim floundered and turned to crime. He saved nine years of a sixteen year sentence for trafficking amphetamines in Western Australia's biggest ever drug bust.

Read the Label, Judy Davie, $23.70

Read the Label

This book will change the way you shop.

Shopping for dinner has never been more confusing. The shelves are stacked with a dazzling array of products and more and more of them claim to benefit our health in some way. We know that these claims are more about creating commercial opportunities for manufacturers than making us healthier but it is still easy to be swayed.

Read the label is an easy to read, easy to understand guide to food labelling that decodes the spin of marketing speak and tells you exactly how to interpret the competing facts and figures.


     Behind the Curtin