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March 2009
archived edition of Ripples
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Wow! Where did 2008 go? A sure sign of age when the years start flying by, because reality is it has gone as fast or as slow as any other year.

For me the year has been exciting, it started on New Year's Day with the birth of twin granddaughters (10 weeks premature) so I have seen the year through the development of these two beautiful babies.

Many changes have occurred throughout the year, some of our colleagues have moved on to other ventures, to other jobs or retirement, and we have been able to welcome a host of new employees to the University. We have seen the new Chemistry and the Recreation centres spring up and it won't be long before each are in full use and we will think that they have always been on campus. Personally, I don't think the Chemistry centre will have a big direct impact on my life, whereas the Recreation centre will prick my conscience that I should do more exercise. Taking a tour of the facilities the other day it really whetted my appetite to the point that I might actually think of joining. May be that will be one of my New Year's resolutions.

As we move into the Holiday Season, I would like to wish you all a safe and happy holiday. 2009 is bound to bring with it its own challenges and for Ripples it will be the start of new and better things to come.

We moved into the technological arena a few years ago, and now we are working with the Digital Media Unit at making Ripples more dynamic, interactive with information and stories available more frequently. We will also be reviewing the categories and how best to present the information. The newsletter will continue to be distributed through the broadcast mailing system but we will also be looking to distribute it in the new format - Rich Site Summary (RSS) and prominent links on the News section of the Curtin website. The new format is currently be developed and we anticipate Ripples to be released in this new and exciting format in early 2009. So it is a case of "watch this space".

Again I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.


Jennie Walsh


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